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Often when editing (or examining) raw data, it is helpful to see it alongside related information in other tables. With ViewBoxes you can align up to 6 other tables in front of your main grid, in both the VIEW and EDIT menu.

Each individual viewbox has the following features:

  • Choose the columns to display (and which order)
  • Resize individual boxes (or reset to original)
  • Full filtering capability (complex clauses)
  • Minimise / Restore all, or individually
  • Reposition - manually, or snap to grid
  • Open in Editor (if an editable table)
  • Primary Key highlighting
  • Frontend sorting
  • Search all data
  • Open in Viewer

All of the above information (except search and frontend sort) is stored in the URL - so you can share a link to a complex ViewBox setup with a colleague, who can then open the same view of the data.

Data Controller for SAS€ Viewboxes