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Adding Groups


By default, Data Controller will work with the SAS Groups defined in Viya, Metadata, or SASjs Server. It is also possible to define custom groups with Data Controller itself - to do this simply add the user and group name (and optionally, a group description) in the DATACTRL.MPE_GROUPS table.

Data Controller Admin Group

When configuring Data Controller for the first time, a group is designated as the 'admin' group. This group has unrestricted access to Data Controller. To change this group, modify the %let dc_admin_group= entry in the settings program, located as follows:

  • SAS Viya: $(appLoc)/services/
  • SAS 9: $(appLoc)/services/public/Data_Controller_Settings
  • SASjs Server: $(appLoc)/services/public/

To prevent others from changing this group, ensure the Data Controller appLoc (deployment folder) is write-protected - eg RM (metadata) or using Viya Authorisation rules.