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The MPE_AUDIT table contains all deletions, modifications and additions to data in Data Controller (or using the underlying macros).

The underlying utility is open source and documented here.



  • LOAD_REF (PK). This is supplied to the bitemporal_dataloader() macro at backend, and corresponds to the unique folder in which the staged data resides.
  • LIBREF (PK). The target libref.
  • DSN (PK). The target table name.
  • KEY_HASH (PK). This is a pipe seperated md5() hash of the primary key values - it uniquely identifies a single record.
  • TGTVAR_NM (PK). Target variable name (32 chars)
  • PROCESSED_DTTM. The timestamp at which the record was processed.
  • MOVE_TYPE. Either (A)ppended, (D)eleted or (M)odified
  • IS_PK. Set to 1 if the variable is part of the primary key.
  • IS_DIFF. For modified records, is 1 for a change and 0 for no change. Set to -1 for appends / deletes.
  • TGTVAR_TYPE. Either (C)haracter or (N)umeric
  • OLDVAL_NUM. Old (numeric) value
  • NEWVAL_NUM. New (numeric) value
  • OLDVAL_CHAR. Old (character) value
  • NEWVAL_CHAR. New (character) value