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The MPE_DATACATALOG_LIBS table catalogs library attributes such as engine, paths, permissions, owners & schemas.

More frequently changing attributes (such as size and number of tables) are stored in MPE_DATASTATUS_LIBS.

To ignore additional librefs, or to trigger a scan, see the Refresh Data Catalog instructions.


  • TX_FROM num: SCD2 open datetime
  • 🔑 TX_TO num: SCD2 close datetime
  • 🔑 LIBREF char(8): SAS Libref (8 chars)
  • ENGINE char(32): The engine used to connect to the library
  • LIBNAME char(256): The Library Name (from metadata if SAS 9)
  • PATHS char(8192): The directories used (BASE engine only)
  • PERMS char(500): The directory permissions (BASE engine only)
  • OWNERS char(500): The directory owners (BASE engine only)
  • SCHEMAS char(500): The library schema (DB engines)
  • LIBID char(17): The Library Id (from metadata if SAS 9)