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Data Controller for SAS® - Security


DC security is applied at the level of Table and Group. Permissions can only be set at group level. There are two parts to adding a user:

1 - Adding the user to the relevant group in SAS metadata

2 - Ensuring that group has the appropriate access level in the configuration table

For guidance with adding SAS users, see SAS Documentation.


In order to surface a table to a new group, simply add a record to the DATACTRL.MPE_SECURITY table. The library.dataset value should go in the BASE_TABLE field, the level of access (either EDIT or APPROVE) should go in the ACCESS_LEVEL field, and the exact name of the relevant metadata group should go in the SAS_GROUP field. The change should then be submitted, and approved, at which point the new security setting will be applied.



The EDIT permission determines which groups will be able to upload CSVs and submit changes via the web interface for that table. The APPROVE permission determines which groups will be able to approve those changes, and hence enable the target table to be loaded. If you wish to have members of a particular group both edit AND approve, then two lines (one for each group) must be entered, per table.

Determining Group Members

Before adding a group to Data Controller, it helps to know the members of that group! The following options are available:

1 - Use SAS Management Console

2 - Deploy the Boemska User Navigator

3 - Use Code

The "code" option can be performed as follows:

/* get macro library */
filename mc url "";
%inc mc;
/* call macro */
/* the above will create a dataset containing the group members */