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The MPE_DATACATALOG_TABS table catalogs attributes such as number of variables, compression status, and primary key fields.

More frequently changing attributes (such as size modification date and number of observations) are stored in MPE_DATASTATUS_TABS.

To trigger a scan, see the Refresh Data Catalog instructions.


  • TX_FROM num: SCD2 open datetime
  • 🔑 TX_TO num: SCD2 close datetime
  • 🔑 LIBREF char(8): SAS Libref (8 chars)
  • 🔑 DSN char(64): The library member name
  • MEMTYPE char(8): The member type
  • DBMS_MEMTYPE char(32): The DBMS Member Type
  • MEMLABEL char(512): The Data Set Label
  • TYPEMEM char(8): The Data Set Type
  • NVAR num: The number of variables
  • COMPRESS char(8): The compression routine
  • PK_FIELDS char(512): The list of primary key fields. These are deduced from the table constraints. A Primary key column is identified by being in a constraint (or index) that is both UNIQUE and NOT NULL.