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Adding Libraries to Data Controller

The process for adding new libraries to Data Controller depends on whether we are talking about:

  • The VIEW or EDIT menu
  • The flavour of SAS being used

In VIEW mode, all available libraries are shown, unless the DC_RESTRICT_VIEWER option is set.

In EDIT mode, only the libraries corresponding to the configuration in MPE_TABLES are visible. This list may be shorter if the user is not in the admin group or does not have the necessary security settings.

library list

Flavour specific guidance follows.

Viya Libraries

Library definitions should be added in the of the designated Compute Context using Environment Manager.

If the above is not feasible, it is possible to insert code in the [DC Drive Path]/services/ file however - this will have a performance impact due to the additional API calls.

SAS 9 EBI Libraries

In most cases, libname statements are NOT required so long as they are accessible in metadata.

For the VIEW menu, the libname statement is made using the mm_assignlib macro (META engine). It is important that each library has a unique LIBREF.

For the EDIT menu, direct libname statements are derived using the mm_assigndirectlib macro.

If metadata extraction is not possible, libname statements may be added to the [DC Meta Path]/services/public/Data_Controller_Settings Stored Process.

SASjs Server Libraries

New library definitions can be added to the [DC Drive Path]/services/public/ Stored Program.