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The MPE_DATACATALOG_VARS table catalogs variable attributes such as primary key status, not null constraints and index usage.

To trigger a scan, see the Refresh Data Catalog instructions.


  • TX_FROM num: SCD2 open datetime
  • 🔑 TX_TO num: SCD2 close datetime
  • 🔑 LIBREF char(8): SAS Libref (8 chars)
  • 🔑 DSN char(64): The library member name
  • 🔑 NAME char(64): The variable name
  • MEMTYPE char(8): The member type
  • TYPE char(16): The column type
  • LENGTH num: The column length
  • VARNUM num: The column position in the table
  • LABEL char(256): The column label
  • FORMAT char(49): The SAS format associated with the column
  • IDXUSAGE char(9): The column index type
  • NOTNULL char(3): The NOT NULL status
  • PK_IND num: A flag to say whether the column is part of the primary key (1=PK, 0=Not PK). A Primary key column is identified by being in a constraint (or index) that is both UNIQUE and NOT NULL.