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Data Controller Videos

A collection of videos made in relation to Data Controller. Some of them were recorded on earlier versions, hence the slight UI differences.

Data Controller for SAS® enables full text search on Global CASLIB tables (and SAS 9 tables too)

Excel to Viya CAS Table

Loading an Excel file into a 5 million row CASLIB table

Data Viewer

Data Controller for SAS® isn't just for editing (and approving) data - it can also be used to query and download!

Data Lineage

Data Lineage is one of the most powerful features of DI Studio generated ETL. This tool queries it and makes a graphical output to help DI Developers, Data Modellers, and Business Analysts understand the data from both Source to Target and Target to Source.

Table Level

Table level lineage shows tables (colour coded per library) and associated jobs (with links to metadata definitions)

Column Level

Column level lineage shows the transformations and any business logic applied to each variable during the flow. Data items are distinguished between files, database tables, and SAS datasets.

Email Alerts

Adding Email Alerts in Data Controller is a case of updating the MPE_ALERTS table (to say which alerts you wish to send) and the MPE_EMAILS table (only if your emails are not stored in metadata)

Deploying Data Controller

The SAS 9 evaluation version of the Data Controller comes packaged in a single SPK, which can be deployed in under 30 seconds!

Uploading a CSV and Downloading Datalines

This video demonstrates 2 features in 50 seconds!

1 - Excel uploads. Data Controller will let you drag a spreadsheet into any target table without having to specify variable formats etc in advance. Changes are routed through the usual approval process with audit trail.

2 - Audit trail with original excel. Download a copy of the exact excel that was uploaded.

Locked Datasets

In unix environments, when attempting to edit a locked table, users are notified with regard to which PID contains the lock.

Explainer Video

A short explainer video showing the core functionality of the product.

Use Case Video

A short, fun cartoon to highlight the value of Data Controller.