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Data Controller allows formats to be viewed and edited directly from the web interface - avoiding the need to create and maintain parallel 'CNTLIN' datasets.

Formats are displayed with a special icon (bolt), in the same library as other tables (in both the VIEW and EDIT screens):


Viewing or editing a format catalog will always mean that the entire catalog is exported, before being filtered (if filters applied) and displayed. For this reason, it is recommended to split a large format catalog over several catalogs, if performance is a consideration.

The usual export mechanisms can also be applied - you can downlad the DDL, or export the catalog in CSV / Excel / Datalines / Markdown / DDL formats.

When adding a format to MPE_TABLES, the DSN should contain the format catalog name plus a -FC extension. The LOADTYPE should be FORMAT_CAT and the BUSKEY should be FMTNAME START. HOOK scripts can also be applied (ie, run some DQ after an edit, or re-run a batch job after an approval).


LIBREF:$8. DSN:$32. LOADTYPE:$12. BUSKEY:$1000.

Just like regular table edits, all changes to formats are logged in the MPE_AUDIT table.