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Data Controller for SAS: Viewer

The viewer screen provides a raw view of the underlying table. Choose a library, then a table, and click view to see the first 5000 rows. A filter option is provided should you wish to view a different section of rows.

The following libraries will be visible:

  • All libraries available on startup (session autoexec)
  • Any libraries configured in the services/public/[Data_Controller_Settings/settings] Stored Process / Viya Job
  • All libraries available to the logged in user in metadata (SAS 9 only)

Row and Column level security can also be applied in VIEW mode, as can additional table-level permissions (MPE_SECURITY table).

A single search box can be used to make a full table search on any character or numeric value, using this macro.


This button shows a range of options. If the table is editable, you will also see a EDIT option.


The Download button gives several options for obtaining the current view of data:

1) CSV. This provides a comma delimited file.

2) Excel. This provides a tab delimited file.

3) SAS Datalines. This provides a SAS program with data as datalines, so that the data can be rebuilt as a SAS table.

4) SAS DDL. A download of a DDL file using SAS flavoured syntax.

5) TSQL DDL. A DDL download using SQL Server flavoured syntax.

Note - if the table is registered in Data Controller as being TXTEMPORAL (SCD2) then the download option will prefilter for the current records and removes the valid from / valid to variables. This makes the CSV suitable for DC file upload, if desired.

Web Query URL

This option gives you a URL that can be used to import data directly into third party tools such as Power BI or Microsoft Excel (as a "web query"). You can set up a filter, eg for a particular month, and refresh the query on demand using client tooling such as VBA.