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The MPE_DATASTATUS_TABS table captures frequently changing SAS table attributes such as size (if filesystem based), modification date, and the number of observations.

To trigger a scan, see the Refresh Data Catalog instructions.


  • TX_FROM num: SCD2 open datetime
  • 🔑 TX_TO num: SCD2 close datetime
  • 🔑 LIBREF char(8): SAS Libref (8 chars)
  • 🔑 DSN char(64): The library member name
  • FILESIZE num: The size of the table (in bytes), displayed with the SIZEKMG. format. Only applicable to BASE engine libraries.
  • CRDATE num: Creation date of the table
  • MODATE num: Modification date of the table
  • NOBS num: Number of Observations. Note - if the table is a SAS dataset then this includes deleted rows. To remove deleted rows from a SAS dataset, it must be re-created.