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The MPE_COLUMN_LEVEL_SECURITY table is used to configure which groups can VIEW or EDIT particular columns within a table. More details are available in the user guide


  • TX_FROM num: SCD2 open datetime
  • 🔑 TX_TO num: SCD2 close datetime
  • 🔑 CLS_SCOPE char(4): Either VIEW, EDIT or ALL
  • 🔑 CLS_GROUP char(64): The group to which the rule applies
  • 🔑 CLS_LIBREF char(8): The libref to which the rule applies
  • 🔑 CLS_TABLE char(32): The table to which the rule applies
  • 🔑 CLS_VARIABLE_NM char(32): The variable to VIEW or EDIT
  • CLS_ACTIVE num: Whether the rule is active or not
  • CLS_HIDE num: Whether the column should be hidden in EDIT mode