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The MPE_LOCKANYTABLE table provides a mechanism for a process to secure a logical 'lock' on an object to avoid conflicts when running the application with multiple users in parallel.

The underlying utility is open source and documented here.

For more information, see the locking mechanism guide.



  • 🔑 LOCK_LIB char(8): SAS Libref (8 chars)
  • 🔑 LOCK_DS char(32): The dataset name
  • LOCK_STATUS_CD char(10): Either LOCKED or UNLOCKED
  • LOCK_USER_NM char(100): The logged-in user who performed the lock or unlock
  • LOCK_REF char(200): Description of the lock purpose
  • LOCK_PID char(10): The value of the automatic sysjobid macro variable
  • LOCK_START_DTTM num: The timestamp when the record was LOCKED
  • LOCK_END_DTTM num: The timestamp when the record was UNLOCKED. This is set to missing whilst the record is locked.