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The MPE_CONFIG table enables global system options. Further detail on each option can be found in the description of the option itself, or on the options page.


The table is SCD2 controlled for ease of rollback and version management.


  • 🔑 TX_FROM num: SCD2 open datetime
  • 🔑 VAR_SCOPE char(10): A short code for grouping sets of options
  • 🔑 VAR_NAME char(32): The name of the option
  • VAR_VALUE char(5000): The value of the option
  • VAR_ACTIVE num: Whether the rule should be used (1) or ignored (0). Setting rules to 0 is a convenient way to turn them off without deleting them.
  • VAR_DESC char(300): A short description of the option.
  • TX_TO num: SCD2 close datetime