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The MPE_SUBMIT table tracks the status of submitted modifications - ie SUBMITTED, APPROVED, or REJECTED. It is unique on TABLE_ID. A record is created whenever a submit is submitted.



  • 🔑 TABLE_ID char(32): A unique code for the submission, and corresponds to the folder in which the staged data resides.
  • SUBMIT_STATUS_CD char(10): Either SUBMITTED, APPROVED, or REJECTED. Remains SUBMITTED until the final approval, or first rejection.
  • BASE_LIB char(8): The LIBREF of the table being updated
  • BASE_DS char(32): The name of the dataset (or format catalog) being updated
  • SUBMITTED_BY_NM char(100): The username of the submitter
  • SUBMITTED_ON_DTTM num: The timestamp of the submission
  • SUBMITTED_REASON_TXT char(400): The description provided by the submitter
  • INPUT_OBS num: The number of observations staged
  • INPUT_VARS num: The number of variables staged
  • NUM_OF_APPROVALS_REQUIRED num: Taken from MPE_TABLES at the time of submission
  • NUM_OF_APPROVALS_REMAINING num: Decreased by 1 with every approval, set to 0 on rejection.
  • REVIEWED_BY_NM char(100): User id that made the final approval / rejection
  • REVIEWED_ON_DTTM num: Timestamp of the final approval / rejection