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Data Controller for SAS: File Uploads

Files can be uploaded via the Editor interface - first choose the library and table, then click "Upload". Currently only CSV files are supported, although these can be provided with non standard delimiters (such as semicolon).

The following should be considered when uploading data in this way:

  • A header row (with variable names) is required
  • Variable names must match the target (not case sensitive). An easy way to ensure this is to download the data from Viewer and use this as a template.
  • Duplicate variable names are not permitted
  • Missing columns are not permitted
  • Additional columns are ignored
  • The order of variables does not matter
  • The delimiter is extracted from the header row - so for var1;var2;var3 the delimeter would be assumed to be a semicolon
  • The above assumes the delimiter is the first special character! So var,1;var2;var3 would fail
  • The following characters should not be used as delimiters
    • doublequote
    • quote
    • space
    • underscore

When loading dates, be aware that the data controller makes use of the ANYDTDTE and ANYDTDTTME informats. This means that uploaded date / datetime values should be unambiguous (eg 01FEB1942 vs 01/02/42) to avoid confusion - as the latter could be interpreted as 02JAN2042 depending on your locale and options YEARCUTOFF settings.


To get a copy of a file in the right format for upload, use the file download feature in the Viewer tab